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2014 Exhibitor List
(in alphabetical order--click on maker's name to contact directly)
MS-Master Smith, JS-Journeyman Smith, AP-Apprentice
 (The ABS Expo showroom will be located in the ballroom 
on the 4th floor, Meeting Room 401)

American Bladesmith Society
David Anders, MS

James Batson, MS
Bruce Bingenheimer, JS
Craig Brewer, AP
Bill Burke, MS
Shayne Carter, JS
Kevin Cashen, MS
Michael Christenson, JS
Wade Colter, MS
Wes Davis, JS
Harvey Dean, MS
Mike Diebert, JS

Adam DesRosiers, MS
Haley DesRosiers, JS
Rick Dunkerley, MS
Steve Dunn, MS
Rick Eaton, AP
Richard Epting, JS
Josh Fisher, JS
Erik Fritz, JS
Larry Fuegen, MS
Bruce Fuller, MS
Tim Hancock, MS
Gary House, JS
Tony Hughes, JS

Joe Keeslar, MS
Geoff Keyes,JS
Steve Koster, JS

David Lisch, JS
Mardi Meshejian, JS
Greg Neely, MS
Douglas Noren, MS
Rik Palm, JS
Dan Petersen, MS
Mike Quesenberry, JS
J.W. Randall, MS
Dickie Robinson, MS
James Rodebaugh, MS
Bill Ruple, AP
Michael Ruth, JS
Michael Ruth, Jr., JS
Raymond Rybar, MS
Schwarzer Knives
Josh Smith, MS
Johnny Stout, AP
Joseph Szilaski, MS
Shane Taylor, MS
Henry Torres, MS
Michael Tyre, JS
Bill Wiggins, JS
Mike Williams, MS

Also at the Expo:
GRS Engravers
Knife Rights--Essential Tools, Essential Rights

Roger Green, Antique Bowie Exhibit
Steve Hill, Antique Bowie Exhibit

List of Suppliers
(Suppliers will be located in Meeting Room 400, across from the Expo showroom)
Al Lawrence--Uncle Al, The Knifemakers Pal
Charles Turnage--Fine Turnage Productions

Travis Wuertz --Wuertz Machine Works, LLC

Tim Balda--Rootes Group of Ohio Inc.

If you would like to exhibit please contact:
Harvey Dean         512-446-3111         harveydeanknives@gmail.com
Steve Dunn         270-563-9830 



Questions: knifeexpo@gmail.com